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Valerie loved Bobby.  Bobby loved Valerie.  Everyone in the community knew it, though the two tried to keep their relations secret.  They were childhood friends who grew to be lovers.  But they were black. And black people can find themselves in the right place at the wrong time…    Read Now! Watch trailer

I Met Her During Covid 19

Dr. Richard McGinty just bought a brand-new car.  And an annoying attractive girl, Lois Evans, rammed into it.   It takes a near death experience to Covid 19 for Richard to realize this annoying girl is the love of his life. Read Now! Watch trailer!

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    I Met Him During Covid 19

    Tarah was looking for a renter.  And tall, sexy dimpled Sheldon Shaw was looking for an apartment.  They shared a mutual chemistry.  But Sheldon has a girlfriend.  Then came covid19, leaving Tarah and Sheldon together in quarantine.  Watch trailer


    Lonely Seas

    Valerie’s and Sean’s marriage are in crisis.  Valerie no longer feels that hot romantic rush between them.  The marriage has grown stale and she start fantasizing about another man.  Sean is however content in their relationship until in a heated argument, Valerie mistakenly calls Sean the name of her  fantasy lover..