About Us

What’s Romance is home to writer, Meghan Miles soulful, stimulating, heart stirring love stories.  Meghan started writing seriously during the pandemic lockdown.  With no where to go and nothing to do, other than play board games with the family and watch Netflix, Meghan wrote (what she calls) bookblogs or Romance Reads Pop Ups.  They are free romantic stories about our times.

Through her love stories, Meghan tries to answer the question, what is romance?   What is its true meaning and what does it mean to the human soul?  Tough questions.  But Meghan is determined to solve the mystery.

Although the birth of Meghan’s stories took place during the global pandemic, Meghan also found time to chef up some creative dishes, go on long walks and mediate.

She loves reading everything romance and appreciates a good mystery.  Her preferred reading spot is under a cool palm tree, on a beach chair or snuggling on the sofa.  She writes anywhere, as long as it’s not too busy.

In her own words, “When not living in the world of wonder, I lose myself to my loving pragmatic husband, three awesome children here in Canada, where hot chocolate, snowflakes and warm furnaces can be deeply rewarding.”

You can contact Meghan at: meghan@whatsromance.com.